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The Bel Canto Chamber Players is the premiere string group in the area for weddings, parties corporate events, etc. Whether it's Bach, Pachelbel, The Beatles, Mozart, or Bruno Mars, we will play the perfect music for any mood, occasion, or celebration.
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Imagine, you are floating in a fancy boat on the River Thames in London. The year is 1725, and the King and Queen of England are hosting a party. You are a guest in their boat. And, next to you on a barge is the composer and conductor, George Friederich Handel with his orchestra of violins, violas, cellos, trumpets, and kettledrums.
You are hearing for the very first time, Handel's Water Music Suite Live on the River. Switch scenes to the year 2015... That same music performed live at your very own wedding is wafting up the hill to you as you are getting ready to walk up the aisle. This time, it is the Bel Canto Chamber Players performing the music for you. The tradition of live music is carried on almost 300 years later right here in Western MA. That is what the Bel Canto Chamber Players do!

We also make come alive the music of many beautiful composers from the past and the present in a full sound that will Wow you and your guests at your own wedding! Just imagine the gorgeous tones of the antique wooden stringed instruments romantically floating in the air making the atmosphere of the day so special and alive! You will be so pleased you have chosen the group that makes the best String Quartet Enemble in the Valley. Classy, Elegant and Romantic!

The Bel Canto Chamber Players has provided excellent string quartet, trio, duo and solo music for weddings, parties, corporate events, and many kinds of services in churches, temples, parks, backyards, etc etc, for almost 30 years! Carol Hutter, and Jennifer Allen are the 2 founding members of the group. Romina Kostare, and Kavan Rambukwelle have been members of the group now for 20 years. The group enjoys playing at events, and has lots of experience to help you with the best live music ever for your wedding!

On our own web site we have lists of songs and classical works that we play. Just ask us if you want something not listed. We can
usually arrange to have your very own favorite no matter what it is!
We have played all over New York State, and New England. The Chamber Music we play works well indoors as well as outdoors. Choose the
Best and brightest wedding ensemble in the area for your wedding!
Ceremonies, pre-ceremonies, cocktail hours, and dinner music. We do it all!

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